Crisis Intervention

Pioneer Valley Support Group
This is a general support group for students who are struggling with personal issues. Students decide what topics they want to discuss and give each other support. The group meets on Mondays.

Healthy Relationships Girl's Group
This girl's support group provides awareness and education about relationship violence issues and healthy relationship choices. We will talk about different types of relationship violence, power and control, the cycle of violence, and warning signs of an abusive relationship. We will also focus on components of a healthy relationship: positive self-esteem, communication skills, boundaries and equality. The girls meet on Mondays.

On Tuesdays from 11:00-12:00, the students in the Reach program are provided with education and awareness on various topics. We will focus on anger management, communication skills, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, self-esteem building, healthy relationships, and violence prevention. We will also be covering drug and alcohol issues focusing on marijuana and alcohol primarily.

This Club's purpose is to educate and provide awareness to stop relationship violence and encourage Safe Healthy Adolescent Relationships! We meet Tuesdays at lunch.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Group
Pioneer Valley High School is offering a drug and alcohol awareness group. This group is primarily for students who have had a drug or alcohol offense here on campus, but students can also voluntarily join the group. This support group meets on Wednesdays.

Resolving Conflict (Girl's Group)
We will focus on conflict resolution, anger management and assertive communication in this group. This is a mandated group for girls who are fighting and have violent behavior.

Positive Choices and Advanced Positive Choices
The overall goal of this program is to encourage students to make positive behavior choices in their lives. This education and support group will focus on assertiveness training, self-esteem building, communication skills, and morals/values. Positive Choices is primarily for students who have had a discipline offense on campus and need help to make better behavior choices. Advanced Positive Choices is a voluntary group for students who want to make positive changes in their lives. We will meet on Thursdays for these groups.

Teen Grief Group
This group supports students who have lost a loved one and assists as students go through the bereavement process. The group meets on Fridays.

Students Offering Comfort Kindness and Support to students of various gender and sexual identities.

Please contact Angela Collins, Crisis Intervention Consultant
922-1305 x5693, Room #601,
Crisis Info
Crisis Info
Crisis Info