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A Mental Health Awareness Club

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NAMI On Campus High School (NCHS) Clubs are student-led clubs that raise mental health awareness and reduce stigma on campus through peer-led activities and education. Student Leaders will be empowered with toolkits, materials, templates, and resources to make running the club a fun and educational process. The Club is open to all students - those with mental health conditions, those with family members with a condition, or students who are interested in the field or in advocacy. It is not a support or therapy group. 


The purpose of NCHS Clubs is to:

  • Be supportive of students who are living with mental illness
  • Provide information on school and community resources
  • Encourage people to recognize early signs of mental illness
  • Encourage students who are having mental health issues to get help
  • Work to end the stigma that surrounds mental illness
  • Create an inclusive, safe, and supportive school environment
  • Let students know there is help available if they need it